These pictures are just to show some of the color variations, so some of the paint lines are not clear. They will be, though, on the product you order. We'll get better pictures up as soon as we can. Thanks for understanding!!

Hey! Check out these fun little notes!

Make your child (or other loved one) smile today :) 

These are 2-1/2" x 4".

Choose either 1 sided flat or folded and write your own little note inside.

Choose:  1 or many colors, (right side is neon)

Choose different words or phrases for yourself or keep the ones we have! If you have "adult" versions you want to use, we have no problem with that! Let us know what you need. 


1.  I'm glad you're my son/daughter.

2.  Enjoy your day.

3.  Hang in there. 

4.  Thank you.

5.  You make me smile.

6.  I love you.

7.  Best kid ever. 

8.  I'm proud of you.

9.  I believe in you.

10. Have a great day.

11. Good luck today.

12. You've got this.


To Order: 

Here's what we need:


1.  One sided or folded in half

2. Cardstock color. 

       A:  white

       B:  neon

       C:  any plain color(s)

3. How many cards of each color

4. Puff paint, metallic, glitter, neon, or pastel pens

5. Color scheme. 

       A:  all one color?

       B:  several colors?

       C:  color choice(s) blues, greens, etc. 

6.  If you have other words, short phrases you want to use, let us know what those are.  

7. If you are creating your own words, phrases, let us know what those are.  

Set of 12= $10.00